Privacy Policy

Welcome to (WWIO). We are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of all users of our platform. In this Privacy Policy, we've outlined the key ways in which we safeguard your privacy and handle your personal information.

Effective Date: Jan 27, 2024

Important: Please be aware WWIO is a platform for building web applications. While we are committed to protecting your privacy on our platform, it is important to note that third-party applications built using WWIO may have their own privacy policies. We strongly advise our users to review the privacy policies of any third-party applications they use on our platform to understand how these applications may collect, use, and share your information.

Data Collection

Account Authentication: WWIO collects usernames and passwords for the primary purpose of account authentication. This information is essential to ensure secure access to user accounts and to protect the integrity of user data.

Email Addresses: We collect email addresses for communication purposes and for facilitating user interactions with the platform, such as password resets.

Single Sign-On: Users have the option to use single-sign-on services provided by companies such as Google and Facebook. In order to enable this functionality, WWIO collects only the user's verified email address.

Billing Information: For paying customers, WWIO collects billing information. This data is necessary for processing payments and maintaining our subscription services.

User-Initiated Data Collection: WWIO Users may use the platform to collect and store a variety of information, including email addresses or other personal data, of their friends, family, contacts, and so on. This data is never accessed by WWIO employees or agents, and is protected by the Data Handling for Custom Applications provisions mentioned below.

User Rights

Data Control: Users have complete rights to upload, download, delete, or update databases they own on WWIO. We empower our users with full control over their data.

Email Usage: The verified email addresses collected are used strictly for communication and verification purposes and are never shared externally.

Account Deletion: Users have the right to delete their accounts, in which case all personal data related to the user, and all user databases, will be deleted. Backups will be removed 30 days after account deletion.

Data Handling for Custom Applications

User-Generated Data: Users have the ability to define, upload, and manage custom database schemas. This includes creating, updating, deleting, and downloading records. WWIO utilizes this data solely for the purpose of enabling these functionalities.

Employee Access: Our employees may access user data only when providing development services and support. This access is strictly controlled and limited to the context of service provision. Employee access to customer data for any other purpose is strictly prohibited.

Data Storage and Backup

Automatic Backups: WWIO automatically backs up user data to our cloud storage for 30 days to safeguard against data loss due to service failures or user errors. These backups are securely deleted after 30 days.

Data Transfer Security: All data transfers between WWIO services and users are encrypted using industry-standard technologies like HTTPS, SSL, and SSH. However, it is important to note that internal data storage and backups are not encrypted.

Cookie Usage

Essential Cookies: WWIO employs a minimal set of cookies necessary for authentication and session tracking. These cookies are critical for the operational functionality of the platform.

Additional Cookies by Applications: Custom applications running on the WWIO platform may use their own cookies. Users should refer to the respective application policies for further information.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

WWIO reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at any time. We will notify users of any significant changes through our platform or via email. Continued use of our service after such changes will constitute acknowledgment and agreement of the modified terms.